Quran Speaker with Remote Control

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New mini quran speaker with digital display is the latest new way to learn and listen to the holy quran with high quality audio sound. Full recitations of 18 different famous imams and 15 different translations. Great for family, friends, students, kids, parents, elders, new muslims and anyone else! The speaker works with remote that is included. You can select the imams, translation, surah, etc. Full recitations by 18 famous different imams 15 different languages translations tafseer, surahs,translations, and more. Word by word recitation option for easy understanding method of salat (new) duas for hajj (new) 40 hadith (new) great as a gift easy way to learn quran: new hd quality sound speaker is a great way to easily learn the quran. Extensive collection of quran recitations, translations, tafseer, and more. Digital display allows easy navigating and selecting desired reciter, surah, and translations. New features include method of salah, duas for hajj and 40 hadith.